Strategic reflection

The reflection process for the production of the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan of Soziolinguistika Klusterra began at the end of 2019 and ended in June 2020, when it was approved at the entity’s General Meeting.

Lockdown measures decreed between March and June in response to the health emergency caused by COVID-19 had a major impact on the process and on the socio-economic situation. The inevitable uncertainty during these times has increased, raising doubts as to whether the strategic plan was needed and appropriate. We decided to move forward. The Strategic Plan is a dynamic tool and it will be more important than ever to adapt to changing circumstances.

Core strategies and objectives for the period 2020-2023

Core strategy 1: Pursuit of excellence

  • Ensure the use of up-to-date scientific criteria and methods.
  • Take steps to improve the quality of results, focusing on the development of people and process innovation.

Core strategy 2: Clarify the organisation’s own role

  • Being a leader, fulfilling clear and recognised roles: Identify what makes Soziolinguistika Klusterra unique, so that its role is recognised by all stakeholders and funded by the relevant party.

Core strategy 3: Updating the organisation’s architecture

  • Identify the organisation’s stakeholders, establishing the place and involvement they each have.
  • Strengthen links with the academic world, making progress in using and optimising synergies between people involved in sociolinguistic research.

Core strategy 4: Consolidation of funding

  • Avoid possible setbacks linked to the expected economic crisis.
  • Develop the structural funding channels that correspond to the entity’s contribution to the revitalisation of the Basque language in fulfilling its own duties.
  • Analysis and exploration of new sources of funding.

Core strategy 5: Increased impact

  • Systematise and improve the communicative work of the projects by reviewing the publication criteria, among other things.
  • Increase interaction with research centres and international stakeholders.
  • Establish channels to guarantee a presence and impact throughout the Basque Country: dissemination, events, contacts etc.