Technical Office

The Technical Office is responsible for managing and developing the objectives, strategies and projects of Soziolinguistika Klusterra.

The Technical Office is currently made up of 8 people:

Olatz Altuna Zumeta

Holds a degree in Sociology and Political Science.

Director of the last five editions of the Measurement of Language Use in the Basque Country. She has mainly worked on methodologies for measuring language use, on the analysis of sociolinguistic indicators and on research into language use by young people.

Asier Basurto Arruti

Researcher and communication officer
Holds a degree in Sociology and a Specialist Diploma in Linguistic Planning (HIZNET)

Topics covered include young people’s language use, methodologies for measuring language use through observation and public communication by organisations.

Olatz Bengoetxea Manterola

Researcher and trainer
Holds a degree in Basque Studies and a Master’s Degree in Basque Linguistics and Language

She works on projects for the creation, development and application of methodologies focusing on oral communication in the field of formal education. She also offers training sessions adapted to different sociolinguistic scenarios and objectives.

Beñat Garaio Mendizabal

Master in Revitalization of Minority Languages and Doctorate in Multilingual Education

He has worked on sociolinguistics and the revitalization of  and, both in the field of research (doctoral dissertation and others) and in the organization of intervention projects (talks, training, youth meetings, leisure…). Is a member of the editorial board of the Bat Sociolinguistics review.

Isabel Godinez Hidalgo

Financial and infrastructure manager
Advanced vocational training in administration and finance

She carries out tasks related to the organisation’s administrative and economic management, caters to the resources and technical needs of the Technical Office and fulfils various technical roles in projects.

Maialen Iñarra Arregi

Holds a degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences

The topics she addresses include observational measurements of language use (on the street, at university, in sport, etc.), pupils’ language use in schools, language use in youth leisure activities and language activation.

Imanol Larrea Mendizabal

Holds a degree in Sociology and a PhD in Communication.

He has dealt with the following topics: immigration, linguistic attitudes, Catalan sociolinguistics, the promotion of Basque in the socio-economic sphere and R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation) management.

Pablo Suberbiola Unanue

Holds a degree in Sociology, a Master’s Degree in Humanities and a Specialist Diploma in Linguistic Planning (HIZNET)

Topics he addresses: Processes of language habit changes, language use by children and young people and the application of language planning in organisations.

Belen Uranga Arakistain

Researcher and coordinator of the Bat Sociolinguistics Journal
Holds a degree in Basque Studies

The topics covered include linguistic ecology, linguistic diversity and methodologies for measuring language use.